The Volta Business Directory

The Volta Business Directory (VBD),, is a website dedicated to marketing and advertising businesses located in the Volta Region of Ghana to the world.


The Internet has become the fastest and most convenient means of making ones products and service accessible to consumers both near and far. It has become a requirement driven by consumers, that all kinds of business interests make information on their products and services readily available by the click of a mouse on computer desktops either in the office, at home or/and on the road via their mobile phones, laptops and other handheld devices connected to the Internet.


The Volta Business Directory is positioned to provide just that service to business interests in the Volta Region at very negligible annual fee whilst enjoying the corporate advertisement that will be rolled out for the portal on local media and on the internet.



  1. Consumers all over the region and indeed Ghana have become Internet Savvy and are daily looking for the most convenient way to conduct business. The Internet no doubt offers that convenience.
  2. Even though the Internet has been with us for a while, the cost of owning and running an active website is still beyond the reach of many business in the Volta Region and indeed Ghana
  3. Many businesses in the Region cannot afford to employ the services of professional web design companies to role out a business website for their firms.
  4. And consumers prefer a one-stop-shop than having to move from one website to the other.


The Volta Business Directory is a project by Dothouse Company Ltd,  one of the leading interactive website design companies in Ghana with a long standing reputation for designing and maintaining highly useful websites. Dot House is actively supported by 233 Global Events Management in the area of marketing and sales.



  • You will be participating in a market place which will be a preferred source for customers within the region and those outside the region seeking to do business within the region. Why? Because it is more convenient to go to one location and be able to visit over a 1,000 business interests than to go to individual business websites. Remembering a 1,000 website addresses is not an easy task.
  • The heavy cost of maintaining and advertising an own website is taken from individual participating companies as 233 GEM will roll out a media plan to ensure that the website quickly catches up with consumers who wants to transact business in the Volta Region.
  • All participating companies indirectly benefit from any advertising done by any of the participating companies.
  • Your business is open 24hrs a day and 365 days a year. Infact, you are in business all the time.
  • You would be contributing to the initiative to put Volta Region strongly on the global landscape.

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